Stop That Wrinkle In Time

Commonly Asked Questions:

How long will it take?
In the hands of an experienced injector, Botox should not take more than a few minutes. We will want to look at your facial anatomy and discuss your desired results prior to treatment to give you the best result.

Does BOTOX hurt?
Botox injections are fast and feel like a small sting. There is no pain afterward and most people do not require numbing ahead of time.

Is BOTOX safe?
BOTOX is safe when done under the care of an experienced medical provider. Dr. Mona is a national Allergan trainer who has trained other medical professionals how to inject properly. She has personally trained our other injectors, Jessica Pater and Anna Donovan in the best and safest techniques to administer Botox

At Mona Dermatology, we only use authentic BOTOX, administered according to safe and appropriate guidelines

What should I expect?

During your Treatment:
Our experienced providers will discuss your areas of concern and assess your facial anatomy. We will use a small insulin needle to inject onobotulinum (BOTOX) into the appropriate muscles. Afterward we will apply Arnica cream to decrease your risk of bruising and help the healing.

After your treatment:
You can wash your face and apply makeup within an hour after treatment.
We ask you not to bend over for long periods of time or participate in strenuous exercise for 12 hours after the procedure to help decrease the risk of onobotulinum toxin diffusion. “Frown, frown, don’t bend down” is an easy way to remember this.

When will I start seeing results?
You will start to notice a decrease in wrinkles and muscle movement in 3-7 days, although it may take up to 2 weeks for everything to take full effect
Your results usually last 3-4 months before your muscle movement and wrinkles start coming back

We recommend you rebook your next appointment before you leave so your wrinkles don’t have a chance to come back

Will there be downtime?
This is usually a no downtime procedure. Occasionally a bruise may develop that lasts for a few days

Am I a candidate?
Almost everyone is a candidate, especially if you want to prevent wrinkles from even forming