Cincinnati Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)


Prevent and treat the formation of pre-cancers and treat resistant acne.

Many patients with Actinic Keratoses find this in-office procedure preferable to, and more time-efficient than, the home-applied topical creams.

A few treatment sessions can usually significantly reduce or clear a large area of pre-cancers or resistant acne.

  • Prevent & treat pre-cancers
  • More even skin tone
  • Reduction of acne

What to Expect

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    Your nurse will take photos and wash and clean your skin prior to applying a photosensitizing solution called Levulan. After application, it is imperative that you avoid sun exposure for 24 hours. For your protection, we encourage you to wait in the office while the medication incubates for 2 ½-3 hours. If you choose to leave during this period you must wear full sun protection.

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    During your treatment, you will sit under a Blu-light with eye protection for up to 16 minutes. PDT causes a mild to moderate heating sensation during treatment which is alleviated with a cold air chiller.

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    After the treatment, mild to severe redness, swelling and scabbing may occur. These effects depend on how much sun damage or cystic lesions are present and how long the Levulan solution was left on. The worst cases heal like a severe sunburn over a few days.


Common Questions

How does photodynamic therapy work?

How long will my appointment take?

Does photodynamic therapy hurt?

What results can I expect?

What is the recovery and downtime?

Am I a candidate?

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