What to Expect at Your First Appointment

The Beginning of Your Journey

Your appointment will start with a member of our nursing team. We train each nurse to be an expert in Dermatology and skincare, so that they are able to answer many of your questions and concerns. Your nurse will ask you questions about your skin and take notes for your chart.

If you are here for a cosmetic appointment, you will also have VISIA Complexion Analysis pictures taken. If you are here for a medical appointment, your nurse may not take your VISIA pictures, but if you are interested let us know and we are happy to do these for you.

Check-In & New Patient Forms

Most patients will receive a link via email to fill out their new patient forms prior to their appointment. If you did not receive this link, or did not have time to fill out your paperwork, our front desk staff will provide you with a copy to fill out while you wait.

Customized Care Begins Now

We understand that you are busy, so please know that we appreciate you taking the time to fill out our new patient forms. It helps our providers and patient care team better understand how we can treat you.

Your Appointment: It's A Conversation

Your provider will then join you, and ask additional questions to clarify the information your nurse has already gathered. If you are here for a skin exam, this portion of the appointment will be very brief. If you are here for a medical concern such as acne, rosacea, or eczema, your provider will talk with you to better understand the history of your skin concern. If your appointment is cosmetic, your provider will begin an open discussion with you about the areas of your skin that you are happy with, as well as the aspects of your skin you would like to improve.

At the conclusion of your discussion, your provider will help create a treatment plan for you, based on your lifestyle and skin goals. We always aim to help create a plan that is both affective and achievable, so be sure to let your provider know if there is any reason you think you won’t be able to follow the plan. Some things to consider prior to your conversation: How likely are you to follow an at-home regimen? Are you able to do treatments that require downtime? Is there a budget you would like to stay within for your treatments?


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