Casey Burleigh

Director of Marketing

Casey Burleigh

Casey joined Mona Dermatology in 2018. She has a background in graphic design and strategic marketing, with diverse experience working on brands in the high-end lifestyle and hospitality industries.

I graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Studies. I have spent the past 5+ years working in many areas the of marketing and communications field; in freelance, in-house, and agency roles.

My passion for dermatology and aesthetics began when I was young and struggled with cystic acne. For many years, I saw my dermatologist once a month and she became a trusted friend. When I moved to Cincinnati in 2018, I first came to Mona Dermatology as a patient. I was so happy to find another dermatologist that I could trust, and was delighted to join the team only a few months later.

I see firsthand every day how much information about skincare we are bombarded with: from the media, websites, influencers, product brands, and more. It is harder than ever to know what is best for you. But, we are also in an exciting time for the field of dermatological aesthetics: non-surgical treatments are helping patients achieve results that would’ve previously only been possible through plastic surgery. I am passionate about helping men and women in the Cincinnati region get connected with our talented provider team, who truly become a partner in your journey toward healthy, beautiful skin.