Meet Our Team

We're a team of highly-trained dermatologists and skincare professionals.

MONA is more than a hand-selected team of talented dermatologists; we’re a family. And we exist specifically to help you address your skincare concerns, and bring healing to your skin!

  • Dr. Mona S. Foad

    M.D., MHS FAAD

    Mona is the heart and soul of MONA Dermatology. She is a Board-Certified Dermatologist who has been practicing in her hometown of Cincinnati since 2002.

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  • Jessica Watkins

    Physician Assistant-Certified

    Jessica joined me in August of 2016, and has brought her love of dermatology to our patients and our staff.

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  • Anna Donovan

    Certified Nurse Practitioner

    Anna joined our team this past year and has proven to be dedicated to the best in patient care. I am lucky to have both of these ladies on our team.

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  • Megan Niese

    Physician Assistant-Certified

    Megan is the newest addition to our provider group and we are delighted to have her on the MONA Dermatology team. We're sure our patients will be happy as well

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  • Amanda Schmidt

    Licensed Medical Esthetician

    Amanda is a Licensed Medical Esthetician and has been with MONA Dermatology since October 2016.

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  • Lindsey Repass

    Licensed Medical Esthetician

    As a Licensed Medical Esthetician, I am a skincare specialist and provide a variety of services as well as consult with patients to help improve and maintain their healthy skin.

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  • Shireen Shatti

    Masters of Science and Nursing, Registered Nurse

    I love working at Mona Dermatology because I am an integral part of a practice that embodies all the core values that I would want in my own healthcare provider.

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  • Angie Riggs

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Working as a nurse at MONA Dermatology combines my background of medsurg (PCU) and surgical nursing into an office setting.

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  • Jessica Watt

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    I love working at Mona Dermatology because we genuinely care about our patients who use our services and the MONA team works so hard to achieve great care and we want the best experience for both.

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  • Janeth Valenzuela

    Certified Medical Assistant

    At MONA Dermatology I have the opportunity to impact patient lives and make a difference every day by assisting our patients in any way necessary to achieve the best care possible during their visit!

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  • Michelle Mikulski

    Certified Medical Assistant

    I love working at MONA Dermatology because I love helping people feel better about themselves and creating a positive impact in their lives.

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  • Renee Kelsey

    Certified Medical Assistant

    The best part about working at MONA Dermatology is that I have the pleasure of helping our patients feel better in their own skin!

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  • Danielle Wilson

    Certified Medical Assistant

    I love working at Mona Dermatology because I love helping patients feel good in the skin they are in.

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  • Becca Smith

    Front Desk Receptionist

    I love working at Mona Dermatology because I remember how awkward and intimidating it was going to the dermatologist when I was young. At Mona Dermatology, every patient is treated like family.

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  • Christy Wolf

    Patient Scheduling Coordinator

    It's special working at MONA Dermatology because I get to work with a group of very professional, caring and happy ladies. It is nice to see patients walk out feeling confident and healthy.

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  • Shannon Clark

    Certified Professional Coder & Biller

    I love working at MONA Dermatology because I get to work with a group of caring, confident and happy women! We have a positive impact on our patients lives every day.

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  • Natasha Fogle

    Pathology Coordinator

    I love working here because MONA Dermatology is like one big family. I have worked here with Dr. Mona Foad for over eight years and I feel that the patients and staff here are my family.

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  • Scott Martens

    President, CEO

    Scott joined MONA Dermatology in 2014, bringing more than 20 years of healthcare management, consulting & leadership experience.

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