Scott Martens

Scott Martens

Career & Education

Before joining MONA Dermatology, I spent the bulk of my career with leading healthcare companies Allergan, SkinMedica, Sanofi-Aventis Dermatology, and Wyeth (now Pfizer). I earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Iowa in 1994.

I have known and worked with Dr. Mona Foad since 2010 and I was immediately struck by her sincere care for her patients and employees. It was also clear to me that she had a progressive vision for the future of both medical and cosmetic dermatology and after four years she convinced me to join her team and to help bring her vision to a reality.

The MONA vision starts with a very simple goal and purpose: to provide YOU, our patients and friends, the best patient experience from the best-trained and most experienced team in Cincinnati. What does this all mean for YOU? It means we will work to improve each day and we are committed to providing you the “best in class” in every area of dermatology. We are focused on creating and maintaining a positive culture for our employees and we want you to see this in their smile and your personal interactions on each visit. We are committed to hiring and training the best staff and team in Cincinnati and to ensure this, Dr. Mona and I personally interview and hire each member of our team. We provide you with the most advanced level of technology and we personally have used or tested all of our skin care products and treatments that we offer to you.

Dr. Mona says it to our team at each and every MONA team meeting; “I want you to treat our patients the way you would want your own loved ones to be treated”. This is the MONA way.

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