Introducing: Even & Correct System by SkinMedica

We are so excited to introduce you to SkinMedica’s newest product line: Even & Correct!

Dr. Mona Foad presents on Even & Correct and the Allergan Aesthetics National Sales Meeting

Dr. Mona had the honor of speaking at SkinMedica’s national sales meeting last week to present on this exciting new product to their team.

These clinically-proven products work as a customizable and comprehensive approach that helps target the broad spectrum of unwanted hyperpigmentation and effectively address critical pathways associated with melanogenesis. Three unique, hydroquinone-free formulations are designed to be tailored to your needs. When used all together, you may see improvements in the appearance of hyperpigmentation in as little as one week.

The Even & Correct system includes 3 products: The Advanced Brightening Treatment ($178), The Dark Spot Cream ($88), and The Brightening Treatment Pads ($60 Value). The system is completely customizable: use all 3 for best results or mix & match to fit your unique skin’s needs.

All three products are clinically-proven to address the signs of visible hyperpigmentation. Fun fact: Lytera 2.0 addressed 5 pathways of pigment product, while this new technology addresses 6!

Pre-order on Even & Correct will be available through Sunday, 1/22/23.  These pre-order promotions are available exclusively at Mona Dermatology.


VIP Pre-Order Bundle ($250 for $500+ Value)

  • Even & Correct Advanced Brightening Treatment ($178 Value)
  • Even & Correct Dark Spot Cream ($88 Value)
  • Even & Correct Brightening Treatment Pads ($60 Value)
  • $100 Credit Toward a Diamond Glow, Chemical Peel, IPL, or Laser Package*
  • 20% off Credit Toward a TNS Advanced+ Serum*
  • 1 Pack On-the-Go Brightening Treatment Pads
  • Luxury Sun Hat

Click here to purchase the VIP bundle!

*Credits expire 3 months from purchase date.

Pre-Order Individual Products at 20% Off

Pre-order purchases of individual Even & Correct products are 20% off through Sunday, 1/22/23.

In addition, all pre-order purchases will come with a credit* for 20% off TNS Advanced+ Serum ($60 value!)

To purchase Even & Correct products individually, use the links below:

*Credits expire 3 months from purchase date.

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