Skinvive Before & Afters | 5 Patient Stories

Skinvive by Juvederm is the first and only FDA-approved microdroplet injectable for improving smoothness and hydration in the cheeks. We are very proud to have had our owner and founder, Dr. Mona Foad, selected as a national trainer for this revolutionary new treatment. Learn more about the science behind Skinvive in this blog post.

Mona Dermatology was fortunate to be among the first practices to start giving Skinvive treatments in late September 2023. We treated several of our staff members ranging in ages from 27 to 57, and today we are excited to share their Skinvive results and experiences with you!

It’s important to remember that because Skinvive is hydrating your skin from within, some people may not show obvious visual changes in their skin. However, they will feel the difference in their skin quality. To give the most comprehensive look at Skinvive results, we are including before and afters, a patient testimonial, as well as notable changes in their skin quality as detected by our VISIA Skin Analysis.

Skinvive Before and After

Patient 1: Kylee, Female, Age 27

“After skinvive my skin feels soft, and more hydrated. I feel like my makeup sits better because my skin feels more plump. My cheeks now have more of a “glow” to them, as well.” – Kylee

The most notable change in Kylee’s skin after her VISIA Skin Analysis is that her pore size improved from the 40th percentile before treatment to the 70th percentile among patients in her age group!

Patient 2: Amber, Female, Age 33

“I love the softness that my skin feels up to this point. This is also about the time I start my heavier moisturizer since I get dry this time of year. However, my skin feels so hydrated and my skincare products seem to absorb way better as well.”

The most notable change in Amber’s skin after her VISIA Skin Analysis is that her pore size improved from the 12th percentile before treatment to the 67th percentile among patients in her age group!

Patient 3: Christy, Female, Age 57

“My skin feels as hydrated and soft as it did 20 years ago.  I started noticing the difference in the first week post-treatment.  I will definitely want this treatment every 6 months”.

The most notable change in Christy’s skin after her VISIA Skin Analysis is that her pore size improved from the 35th percentile before treatment to the 82nd percentile among patients in her age group. This was the most dramat ic change we saw among these 5 patients!

Patient 4: Angelica, Female, Age 35

I noticed almost immediately that Skinvive gave me that “glass skin” appearance. My smile lines are gone and my skin tone looks softer and airbrushed.”

The most notable change in Angie’s skin after her VISIA Skin Analysis were in her wrinkles and texture. Her wrinkles improved from the 31st percentile to the 50th percentile and her texture improved from the 68th percentile to the 78th percentile among patients in her age group.

Patient 5: Emily, Female, Age 34

Lately I have been getting alot of compliments on how glowy my skin looks. I feel like my skin looks dewy and more plump.”

While Emily’s VISIA Skin Analysis had no major change in stats such as pore size or texture, her skin does show a noticeable change in luminosity and glow as mentioned in her testimonial.

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Anyone can be a candidate for a Skinvive treatment! To learn more, schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 513.984.4800.

Introducing Skinvive | What is Skinvive & The Science Behind It

Skinvive by Juvederm is the first and only FDA-approved microdroplet injectable for improving smoothness and hydration in the cheeks. We are very proud to have had our owner and founder, Dr. Mona Foad, selected as a national trainer for this revolutionary new treatment. She attended the Allergan AMI training in Washington, D.C. in September and was able to bring back her learnings to share with us!

Dr. Mona Foad at Allergan Medical Institute Training on Skinvive by Juvederm | What is Skinvive
Dr. Mona Foad at Allergan Medical Institute Training on Skinvive by Juvederm


The quality of our skin is one of the key indicators for our overall health and youthfulness. For many of the top contributors to skin quality, such as skin tone, texture, and elasticity we already have tools to address them here in our office. But when it comes to hydration, up until now our best options have been topical moisturizers & hydrators, such as SKinMedica’s HA5, or hydrating facial treatments such as Diamond Glow or Oxygen Facial. The issue with all of these options is that they do not provide a long-lasting hydration and only address the top layers of skin. Hydration affects not only the way skin looks and feels, but also how it reacts and behaves. Skinvive is a hyaluonic acid injectable that is placed in the deeper layers of the skin and acts like a long-lasting moisturizer. Skinvive creates a glow and smoothness that lasts up to 6 months!


Skinvive was studied in 208 patients across all skin types who had moderate to severe loss of overall cheek smoothness, including visible signs such as coarse and uneven skin texture, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. After being treated with Skinvive, the majority of patients improved by at least one score on the cheek smoothness scale. This means if they started with severe loss of smoothness, they improved to show only moderate or minimal loss of smoothness post-treatment. This improvement also persisted for 6 months. When asked to rate their skin at 3 months post-treatment, 84% saw an improvement in overall skin health, 74% saw improvement in radiance, 78% saw improvement in hydration, and 79% felt their skin looked more refreshed. Other notable improvements included pore appearance, skin tone and color, smoothness, morning appearance, and end of day appearance.


The best way to create plump, glowing skin is by addressing hydration within all layers of the skin. Topical skincare products are great for hydrating the top layer of your skin, known as the epidermis. Some of our favorites include hyaluronic acid hydrators such as HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator or HA Immerse Serum. Using a moisturizer daily will also help to lock in moisture and protect your skin barrier; some of our best-sellers include SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer, SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer, and SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream. The next layer in your skin is known as the Dermo-epidermal junction. The best way to address this layer is with treatments that can infuse more deeply into the skin, such as the Diamond Glow Hyaluronic Acid Serum treatment. Lastly, by injecting Skinvive into the deep dermis, you will have incorporated hyaluronic acid to all layers of the skin. 


If you want to see before and after photos, patient testimonials, and more be sure to check out our other blog post where we share 5 Skinvive patient stories.

Anyone can be a candidate for a Skinvive treatment! To learn more, schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 513.984.4800.

Introducing: Even & Correct System by SkinMedica

We are so excited to introduce you to SkinMedica’s newest product line: Even & Correct!

Dr. Mona Foad presents on Even & Correct and the Allergan Aesthetics National Sales Meeting

Dr. Mona had the honor of speaking at SkinMedica’s national sales meeting last week to present on this exciting new product to their team.

These clinically-proven products work as a customizable and comprehensive approach that helps target the broad spectrum of unwanted hyperpigmentation and effectively address critical pathways associated with melanogenesis. Three unique, hydroquinone-free formulations are designed to be tailored to your needs. When used all together, you may see improvements in the appearance of hyperpigmentation in as little as one week.

The Even & Correct system includes 3 products: The Advanced Brightening Treatment ($178), The Dark Spot Cream ($88), and The Brightening Treatment Pads ($60 Value). The system is completely customizable: use all 3 for best results or mix & match to fit your unique skin’s needs.

All three products are clinically-proven to address the signs of visible hyperpigmentation. Fun fact: Lytera 2.0 addressed 5 pathways of pigment product, while this new technology addresses 6!

Pre-order on Even & Correct will be available through Sunday, 1/22/23.  These pre-order promotions are available exclusively at Mona Dermatology.


VIP Pre-Order Bundle ($250 for $500+ Value)

  • Even & Correct Advanced Brightening Treatment ($178 Value)
  • Even & Correct Dark Spot Cream ($88 Value)
  • Even & Correct Brightening Treatment Pads ($60 Value)
  • $100 Credit Toward a Diamond Glow, Chemical Peel, IPL, or Laser Package*
  • 20% off Credit Toward a TNS Advanced+ Serum*
  • 1 Pack On-the-Go Brightening Treatment Pads
  • Luxury Sun Hat

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How Much Does Botox Cost?

You’ve probably heard of Botox before and you may have even considered it for correcting your lines and wrinkles. There are many factors that can contribute to your total Botox cost for a treatment, including what areas are being treated, how the Botox is priced (unit vs area)  and the experience of your injector. We are breaking down the most frequently asked questions about Botox cost so you can decide if it is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a quick, non-surgical injection that temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, resulting in a desirable, smooth appearance. Botox can be used to both prevent the formation of wrinkles and to correct existing fine lines and wrinkles. Popular treatment areas include crow’s feet, frown lines (glabella), forehead lines, nose or ”bunny” lines, lip or “smokers” lines, chin, neck (platysmal) bands, and more.

Why Should I Get Botox?

While using skin care such as Sunscreen, Growth Factors, Retinoids and Antioxidants can help prevent aging and improve the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles, they cannot compare to the effectiveness of Botox, especially for the deeper lines that can form. By reducing your muscle movement in key areas, you are able to stop the wrinkle from forming and deepening in the first place. Botox treatment paired with a high-quality skincare routine will provide you with the best results. You can learn more about Botox and if you may be a candidate on our Botox page.

How Much Botox Will I Need?

Botox is measured in units and the number of units needed depends on the area you are treating, the results you want, and the strength of your muscles in the treatment area. For example, here are the Botox cost ranges for a few of our most popular treatment areas:

  • Frown Lines (Glabella): 14-20 Units
  • Crows Feet: 6-20 Units
  • Forehead: 4-20 Units
  • “Lip Flip”: 2-4 Units

It is important to work with a skilled injector for your treatment, as too few units will not give you the results you need, but too many units will give you the “frozen” look that many patients fear. The good news is that Dr. Mona is a national trainer for Allergan (the maker of Botox) and Mona Dermatology is one of the top injectable practices in the country (administering over 30,000 units per year).

Botox Cost by Unit vs. Botox Cost By Area

To ensure you are getting the most fair pricing and best value for your Botox, it is a good idea to have your treatment done at an office that prices their Botox by the unit. Some practices will charge you by the area, based on an average amount needed. The problem with this pricing model is that if you are receiving fewer units than are needed on average, you are actually overpaying for your Botox. It is also important to be aware of Botox that has been highly discounted, as it may be overdiluted and will not target specific muscles as accurately. While it may cost you less per unit, you are likely receiving less of the Botox in each unit and will need more units as a result. It is also important to remember that you are not only paying for the Botox when you are paying for your units, you are also paying for the experience of your injector. A highly-skilled provider is likely to charge more per unit than one who is just starting out. If the Botox price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Botox Cost by UnitCalculating Your Botox Cost

In order to estimate how much your Botox treatment will cost you, you will simply multiply the total number of units needed by the cost per unit. Currently, the list price for Botox at Mona Dermatology is $14/unit. For example, a patient has decided after their consultation [link] that they will need 20 units of Botox:

(20 units of Botox)  x  ($14 per unit)  =  Total Cost

How Much Will My Botox Cost Per Year?

The length of time that your Botox will last before wearing off can vary from one person to another. In general, most patients will need another treatment in about 3-6 months. If you are unsure if Botox is right for you, it may be best to start with one or two areas that bother you the most. This will help you learn more about the treatment from experience and build a relationship with your injector. To learn more about Botox cost and if Botox is right for you, it is always best to start by scheduling a consultation.

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